Photography: Portrait


Portrait Photography:

Girl In The Rain

Girl In The Rain

Anyone who aim with a camera can take portraits anytime. But having set some few things aside, today I’m going to share some knowledge about portrait Photography. There are few things to consider while taking portraits of People. For examples Characteristic or personality of the person you are photographing, Perspective from which position you are taking the photo, The eye contact of the person, The background and not last but the least is the lighting. These are something i keep in mind while taking portraits. A portrait is defined as a likeness of a person, especially of the person’s face.

1. Characteristics: While taking photos of people, friends, family and our affectionate ones there is an important thing to remember, that is the character of the person who is being photograph. To know the person, understand him or her, So that you can bring out the personality and characteristics in your picture. This is very important. A good portrait will contain at least one element that reveals the subject’s personality, attitude, unique mannerisms or any of the other features or traits that form the personal nature of the person. In order to capture their essence of the person in a portrait, You need to watch for signals in a subject’s mannerism, reactions, expressions and body language. You must take all possible steps to put a subject at ease in order for her or him to appear natural in front of your camera.



2. Perspective: Perspective is another important thing to consider. It depends on you after knowing your character how you want to take a photo. You can shoot from a lower place and straight on, Shoot downwards, Shoot upwards, Shoot wide or up-close, Shoot behind things or through a reflection. I may use different objects in relative spaces in the photograph. Have fun while taking the photos and experiment to find out which gives you the best perspective for that particular portrait.

Man of Steel

Man of Steel

3. Eye Contact: When Photographing a person’s face, attention to the eyes is the key. It is important to focus on the eyes. Also, whether the person is making the eye contact or not, makes a huge difference on the mood and intensity of the photo. The eyes are very important. Through the eyes a person’s expression and personality is revealed.

Boatman Under The Bridge

Boatman Under The Bridge

There are 3 kinds of eye contact that could be used. 1. The direct eye contact where your subject is directly looking at you through the lens. 2. Eye contact between two subjects and 3. No eye contact at all. While taking portraits you can think which 1 of the 3 eye contact while help your photos to show the story of your subject most.

4. Background: Another important thing is selecting the background of the photo and props. Consider how it interacts with the person’s character, surroundings and clothing. The mood you want to create in the photograph. Proper choice of backdrops/background can enhanced the beauty of the picture.

© Photograph by Nafeesa Binte Aziz. All rights reserved.

© Photograph by Nafeesa Binte Aziz. All rights reserved.

5. Lighting: Good lighting is the key part in a portraiture. Knowing how to use light to meet a desired look in your photo requires a deeper understanding. There are 4 common portrait lighting patterns.

  • Split lighting
  • Loop lighting
  • Rembrandt lighting
  • Butterfly lighting

I always love to take the portrait of my subject with a natural light. But of course it’s not possible all the time giving the situation or where I’m taking it. But i try my best to take the portrait suing the natural light. If you know the basics of this 4 lighting pattern, you will definitely be able to take a good portrait of your subject. Whether it’s inside a studio or outside.

Bating In the Sun

Bating In the Sun

In my next article hopefully I will talk about lighting with more depth.

When you are starting these tips might help you a bit to practice portraiture. Once you know them by heart you will see that you don’t even have to consider anything. you look through your viewfinder and you just know what you have to do.

Of all be passionate about taking portraits and have fun while taking it.. There is no limit to learn. As I’m still in the learning process. 🙂 This is my 1st try to write about Photography. I hope it could help you a little.




I lost my cat,
Few days back.
No one will understand
How that makes me feel sad.
I know to others
he was just a cat,
But to me
He was my family,
My friend, my little furry champ.

It broke my heart to see his body
How slowly it became cold,
Out in the darkness,
Under the soil,
I had to leave him alone.

I know I wont see his graceful little face,
Watching over me or come and share the space.
Giving me comfort, giving me love,
Stayed beside me,
When I needed that the most.
Now my Baby is gone.
Far, far, far away,
To the land of no return.

Toothless was just 3 months and 2 weeks old. He passed away few days ago. His death brought such grief and sorrow. I loved him like my own. He was my own. We spend very short time with each other. But in those days he was with me gave me the best moments that I could gather. His was playful, very understandable. It was mysterious how he would understand when I was upset or crying and come beside me, sit and watch me, sometimes meowing as if he was telling me not to cry.

I know what we had between us. The bond, the relation and the love for each other was untouchable. Losing him broke my heart. I’m trying to recover thinking that he would not like that to see me in this way. I love my toothless. He is here in my heart, in my soul.

A true bond between a human and an animal is a magic. If you treat them well, If you love them, they will do the same. They understand love, emotions. The way they comforts us, no other human can. They are not able to speak but they understand that invisible emotion which human doesn’t. I wont forget the joy you brought to my life.

I love you my little one. May you rest in Peace.

Fools Thought


I’m a fool,
I don’t say it to become cool.
Because I know
What has made me
To become a fool,
Love, insecurity, anxious, anger,
Made me a real fool.

A word, a phrase, an emotion and power
that rules.
It can build you, shatter and break you
Like nothing, like you were never born.

A word, A fear, A demon that
Blinds a fools mood.
Leaves you with doubts, uneasiness
In a world where there is no moon.

that takes away freedom of thought,
Makes you weak and put you in danger,
Takes everything away
But leaves you in a loop.

Is this, that makes you a looser,
Betrays your soul, your heart and
Puts you in danger.

With these emotions you lose your sight,
Your sense, your happiness,
And words that can make things right.

I’m a fool
Not to admit
What I’ve known and seen,
Yet somewhere in that darkness,
Hope was giving me a glimpse.

Now it’s late,
To be cautious,
To put an end to this,
Every little thing that made us, Us,
Shattered with the touch of greed.

How Does It Feels To Live Alone!


People left me,
Friends, Family left me,
Love left me,
Emotions, anger made me lonely.

But hope stayed with me,
My shadow never betrayed me.
Stayed by my side when
Everything I love and care about taken away from me.

What kept me Alive,
What is keeping me going
The unseen future, curiosity, Magic.

It’s sad but the only truth,
When no one stood beside me,
Understood me wrong,
And leaving me Alone.

A ray of light in my soul,
Who has a friend names kindness and hope,
An emotion calls sorrow and pain,
The ability to understand and feel the rage.

A soul who sees the darkness and light,
even though it’s hard to choose,
It chooses the light.

I’m grateful to my soul,
For keeping me alive,
Never betraying me,
Never leaving me behind.

I know I’m not alone anymore,
I’ve a soul, a friend with me,
Until I’m no more.



You are poison to my heart and soul.
I can’t breathe because the poison spread to my core.
Everything I was, you crushed it mercilessly,
Everything I’ll be,
An ash, dust and a memory.

I was someone full of Beauty,
But now I am someone without being me.
Remember the feelings that you gave me,
Remember me, when you hide yourself in tears.

I’ll be gone before you find me,
far from here, far from everything,
that tormented me.

I wish you never hurt me
I wish you never scare me,
I wish I was only yours,
I wish that you could understand
me and my soul.



I want to be free. I really want to be free. Free from burdens, free from life, free from societies up bringing culture and pressure. I want to be free from Love. I want to be free from You.

It’s my Birthday today. Before I was always very happy on this particular day. I was happy to think that I’ve experienced 1 more year and was excited about the coming years.

After all this time have passed, all those excitements are gone. But I appreciate to come to this world and experience all this things. I appreciate my mom to take care of me. I appreciate my dad to give me all those indulgences when I was a kid. I appreciate my one and only sister to love me, to take care of me, to give the whole world to me. Because of her I never really felt that much to live without parents. Cause she gave me the love of parents and a sister.

Literally she is the only one who gave me my life. It’s really too hard to explain things about her and what she is to me and what she didn’t do for me. My one and only family that always stood beside me like my own shadow. Well she is my shadow.

You did everything whatever you could. So please never feel that you couldn’t do anything for me, you couldn’t raise me. At least you raised a parson with a weak heart who can love people, who can understand people, who can fight people. You made me who I am today.

You are the one who gave me life. Don’t ever forget that. I owe you everything. I know in time I have changed. People, situations gave me that chance. We both have changed but deep inside my love for you have never changed. It remained same. I’m still your little one, I’m still your Moni, Tiya pakhi 🙂 I haven’t forgotten that yet. the sweetest adorable way you used to cal me and adore me.

If anything has left here still in me, that’s because of you. I’m still fighting and moving forward because of you. 🙂 I wish I could show you somehow what you mean to me. you are so far away, so distant but still you are my one only sister, a mother that I can run into.

I know today I’m not the same person anymore. I’m cold and soulless. But I would like you to remember me who I was, not what I’m today.

Thank you Tipi. I appreciate everything you have done for me till today. I may not be the best sister you expected me to be but I’m me. It’s not only you who is disappointed in me, but also those whom I came to know over the years, whom I loved and care are all disappointed at me and they left me. You are the only foolish one who still staying beside me. So today I pay all my gratitude to you for raising me and being there for me.

Thank you. I love you with all my soul. I hope you will forgive me.

Yours 🙂


Finding Myself


I’m going through a transition. I guess this will be the biggest change in my life. Either I fall or I rise. I’m beginning to think a lot deeper about myself, my life, my surroundings, my world. Who am I?

Who am I? Where does this Me come from? When actually this Me was born? How I was born? What’s the purpose of my life? What do I want? What do this me want from me? Where in the end I’ll stand? Who are those people who wants me, loves me cares about me? Or is it just my thoughts that is trying to say that someone somewhere is there to love me, to embrace me, to care about me?

Everything seems so cloudy and dark at times. No matter how far, deep I try to get inside this thoughts, sometimes or most of the times I can’t figure them out. But I know somewhere inside something wants to know more about this self of mine. One questions that often haunts me is that Who am I or What am I?

How can I find all these answers and finally be able to find myself?  Only questions are piling up in my thoughts. Everyday more and more. I have began to question myself about everything that I have experienced in life so far.

Who am I? – I noticed this thought comes to mind when you feel insecure about yourself and vulnerable. I am definitely in a situation that makes me feel like I’m right now fragile. I’m right now vulnerable. What is it that is triggering me? To be true my emotions, my feelings to understand those emotions, to feel it deeply, to be able to see through the thoughts, the people, the situation, to Love someone is the things that is triggering me.

This urge to know myself is overwhelming. Never before I ever thought about myself like this. Never. I have always put everyone else before me. Always loved people before me. Always took care of people before me. My love for Humans are a bit too much that I have lost myself in that. Or the other way I found myself in that. Not only it affects my personal life but it affects my work too. I get attach to my subjects, to those on whom I work on. my work becomes part of me. Finally being able to choose what I love to do most is to observe. That gives me the ability to define, to determine, to love to listen.

But that one things is crucial for my existence. It gives the eye, the voice, the words, the thoughts and adds the silence to my soul. I’ve decided to find myself, my soul. Break through the taboos and polish it all.

I always wanted someone to stand by me. By now I’ll stand by myself. Get out of the illusions of life and finally search for myself.

Have you ever thought like this about yourself? We always think about others. Maybe now it’s time to think about ourselves than others. Most of all think about our Happiness. Not by adding someone special in your life to break you down to pieces but by yourself.

It stills hurts to walk alone in life. It’s hard. But it’s worth it. Makes us who we are. We always have a choice. I am making my choice.

My choice is not to break down, my choice is not to fall apart. My choice is to become the person who once knew how the warmth a heart can be. How it is to have everything and not to have anything, how it is to have someone and then you don’t know if you have someone at all.

Strange isn’t it? That’s life. Now you are reading a part of someones Life. That is fascinating, that is amazing, that’s the truth and that is what attracts me towards Human, to their souls, to the stories.

If you find anything similar to my stories, please feel free to say it out loud. There is no shame to admit what life gives you. There is no shame to find yourself. And there is no shame to Love yourself for others.